Recycling earns you 10 percent OFF the list price, or 5% OFF your last order, whichever is greater.

The health care industry has a huge garbage and Acquired Infection problem.

Hospitals, doctors' offices, surgery centers, and other health facilities generate several billion pounds of garbage each year. Buried in landfill's are untold numbers of unused and used disposable and re-usable medical devices; as well as used supplies and equipment, ranging from syringes, to gauzes, to surgical instruments.

In the case of medical cables - cables have been directly linked to Hospital Acquired Infections. To avoid them, health facilities turn to disposable products. As a manufacturer of disposable cables, we understand the financial and enviromental impact. Therefore our solution is two fold; (1) manufacturer disposable products which makes financial sense to dispose of; (2) reclaim, destroy, and recycle cables so the raw materials can be re-used in other less critical application.

Purchase from Medlinc a microbial reduction pouch for $15.00 and back your cables USPS. Each pouch neutralizes 200 cables. We will "Destroy and Recycle" your cable waste. It's that simple.

Medlinc is committed to being a responsible medical cable supplier and offers 10 percent OFF the list price, or 5% OFF your last order, whichever is greater, for as long as we do business.